Several hurt during game at Bull Bash event in Owensboro

Warning: some of this video could be disturbing to some viewers. 

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) – Video from a scary moment over the weekend in Owensboro is circulating on social media.

Several people were hurt during the Bull Bash event at the Sportscenter on Saturday night.

The game is called cowboy pinball. Players must stay within a circle drawn on the ground in a rodeo pen and try to snatch a hundred dollar bill from between a bull’s horns. It started out innocently enough Saturday night in Owensboro.

“Up until they let the second bull out it was pretty normal,” Sarah Woodard a spectator at the Bull Bash said. “Just a big old bull out there that’s kind of scaring people but not out to get anybody.”

But the second bull was another story.

“He was ready to go after somebody,” Woodard said. “He was gonna get him. So when they let him in with the general public in the pinball game I was like ‘O my Lord, why would they do that?’ That’s such a bad judgement call.”

The Owensboro Convention Center manages the Sportscenter. Officials say they had no idea this game would be included in the bull bash and it wasn’t used last year at the event either.

“We didn’t have any knowledge about it until it was announced over the speakers,” Laura Alexander the General Manager of the Convention Center said. “Obviously if we had know we would have pulled it immediately.”

Every contestant signed a waiver before entering the pen. And after their run in with the bad bull are recovering from scrapes, bruises, broken ribs, and torn ligaments. But some of the spectators who were there say, they can’t get the image out of their head.

“He had his head down and he did not stop at the people,” Woodard said. “He went through them. He didn’t slow down at all. He just plowed.”