Sensitive Santa brings Christmas to children with sensory difficulties

BOWLING GREEN Ky. – At the Associates in Pediatric Therapy, they’re having an inclusive Christmas event for their patients.

The ATP specializes in treating children from birth to 21, helping with speech, occupational and physical therapy. And on Tuesday, Dec. 20 at 5:30 p.m., they will be having private sessions and photos with Santa for their current patients.

Cite advisor Cameron Lile said in her interview with News 40, “We’re not in a mall with a bunch of kids and crying babies, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but our kids can’t really handle that… we’re still doing all the things that typically developing kids get to do just in a safe and controlled environment.”

As many children they work with have sensory issues, the holiday season can prove difficult for them and their families. With this event, Lile said that the family can still share those memories and not have to worry about “is my kid going to run away? Is he going to have a breakdown? If he does have a breakdown, is your therapist there to help you through it?”

In her interview, Lile also said she and other staff members encourage parents to advocate for their child in terms of development. She said if you think therapy can help something, consider it. “We’re not having as many words, we’re not walking or crawling.”

ATP also conducts free screenings, so if you feel like your child might benefit from their services you can check them out for yourself at