Sen. Rand Paul’s response to Biden’s block on archery and hunting funds

With Biden’s decision to block federal funding from schools with archery and hunting, schools in Kentucky with these programs are being negatively impacted.

News 40 spoke with Sen. Rand Paul who is introducing a bill to support the funding for programs that provide the life-skills, and with several hundred archery programs implemented in schools, teaching marksmanship, hunting, and gun skills in school is valuable skill many Kentuckians.

According to Paul, “Actually it teaches people safety, and makes them more likely not to have an accident, but archery simply is just a sport as well. There are people who hunt with archery, but it’s also a sport. I don’t know who in there right mind would think banning this is some how going to be helpful, so i think there’s going to be a push back, and we going to see if we can do everything we can to reverse this rule.”

News 40 is will keep you up to date with any further changes in further decisions to end funding towards school archery programs.