Sen. Rand Paul comments on potential United Auto Workers strike

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The United Auto Workers strike could be a tipping point for U.S. laborers.

If a decision isn’t met by 11:59 Thursday, the UAW will go on strike tomorrow morning, impacting major auto companies like: Ford, General Motors and several other manufacturers. Local lawmakers have to say about the looming strike and how it could impact our community.

We spoke to Sen. Rand Paul Thursday, who had this to say concerning the major manufacturers:

“It’s a delicate dance. It’s a delicate balance, and like I said, it’s not my job to tell union what to take or to tell car manufacturers what to take other than the fact that I think it’s good that they negotiate and they just have to figure out what middle ground benefits both parties.”

Paul also spoke to promote proposed legislation to educate future hunters, affecting local archery and hunting programs.