Sen. Paul talks Charles Booker debate, migrants

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-News 40 talked to Senator Rand Paul today as the November 8th election draws closer. 

Senator Paul has just released his third TV campaign ad focusing on the Covid-19 pandemic and different treatment options for Kentuckians .

He faces off against democrat Charles Booker in the election. News 40 asked him if he’s thought about a debate yet. 

“It’s alarming his advocacy for defunding the police. I think defunding the police would be a terrible idea and very dangerous to our community. We’re still thinking about the debate and haven’t made up our mind,” said Paul.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has recently made headlines, agreeing with republican governors moving migrants to democratic states. 

Florida Governor Ron Desantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott had placed migrants most recently in Martha’s Vineyard, and other cities like New York and Chicago. 

News 40 asked Senator Paul about the issue and he said it’s not new. 

“This is something that’s not brand new, what’s new is that republican governors are sending some of these migrants to rich enclaves. Apparently former President Obama was not so welcoming, I mean his house has seven bedrooms he probably has plenty of room to house all 50 so they have a great deal of compassion in the abstract until these people show up on their doorstep,” said Sen. Paul.

Senator Paul is holding a victory barnburner this Sunday with other republicans running for office. The event is open and free to the public.