Sen. McConnell visits Glasgow and speaks on current political topics

GLASGOW, Ky. – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell visited Glasgow Water Company Thursday and spoke on several current topics.

The senator spoke about his disappointment in how the removal of troops in Afghanistan was conducted saying he did not even support the removal in the first place.

“These guys couldn’t organize a two car funeral.” McConnell said the coordination was a nightmare.

McConnell said there will not be an impeachment because the democrats have the majority in the House of Representatives.

But, he said he believes the president should be held accountable.

“The way we have accountability in this country is called elections and they’ll be an election next fall. And typically, the election two years into any new administration is a {inaudible} of how they’re doing, their performance. So I think the American people will have to express their views through their votes in the fall of 2022 about how they feel this administration has handled a whole lot of things,” said McConnell.

As McConnell has since the vaccine was released, he encouraged the public to get vaccinated and to trust that the vaccine is safe and the only way we will get out of the pandemic.