Scottie Squad turns students in technology technicians

GLASGOW, Ky.- Inside Glasgow High School is an Information Technology classroom, but the classroom is also home to the Scottie Squad, a team of students who are learning how to be computer and information technology technicians.

Gary Warner is one of those students

“To be working with this program is just amazing and I think it’s a good step for Glasgow High,” said Warner.

The Glasgow Independent School district currently has two technicians to serve the entire district. So, now these students take care of many technical issues inside the high school. The student technicians fix laptops, printers and other technology devices throughout the school.

“It is so helpful to have students within the building to be able to identify some of the problems teachers are having and they get them solved very quickly as opposed to having to put in a ticket and wait for someone at the district level to come and fix it,” said Glasgow High School Principal, Amy Allen.

This program gives students the chance to learn hands-on skills while also giving them the opportunity to earn multiple certifications.

“We will offer opportunities to get IC# certified with digital literacy. We will work in help desk to be Google certified. We will also work on the A-Plus certification which will get these students entry level jobs making great money right after high school. It’s a great opportunity for students,” said Glasgow High School Information Technology teacher, Kelsey Towe.

“It is helping students prepare for their careers and honestly I think that is what high school should be doing is preparing students for their future,” Warner concluded.