Scott Waste Services announces new collection system

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Scott Waste Services is changing things up a bit with their new trash collection system.

Site Manager Sam Upperman and District Manager Drew Marr told News 40 they are looking to reduce labor to employees and cost to customers with their new curbside pick up method. This week up to September 9th, the company will be delivering Scott Waste branded yellow and blue trash cans to customers and transition to exclusively using those for collection starting September 12th. Marr and Upperman told News 40 this new method will be beneficial for both parties.

Upperman said curbside pick up will utilize a one man truck to collect trash from the curb exclusively, rather than continue with backdoor pick up, saving on labor for employees who would have to lug garbage to the truck between 500 and 1,000 times a day. Upperman also said personal trashcans will no longer be dumped by the company.

Marr said this is due to insurance on the new trash cans through Scott Waste, and the design of the new product being custom fit to the hydraulic arm the trucks use. They also encouraged the use of the their app and website, app and social media concerning any questions customers might have.