Schools unveil class return plans

GLASGOW Ky.- Schools all around the nation are looking for unique and safe ways to resume in-person instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Warren County Schools board of education released information on a plan to have students in person on different days of the week starting Aug. 24.

Over in the Barren County School District, the high school specifically will run on a similar process called the burgundy and gold schedule. Something parents say they’re thankful for.

“The teachers and staff can interact with the students on a more personal basis, and everybody can acclimate to what it’s going to be like now,” said parent Karissa Newberry.

“I know my kids need to be in school. They have missed their friends and teachers. There are so many benefits, not just education that students get from being side by side with everybody,” added parent Tiffany Somerville.

The burgundy and gold schedule will start Aug. 24, where students will be in the building on alternating days, with the two groups alternating each Friday. This will take place for two weeks. Teachers say this method is beneficial for lowering crowd sizes, especially with the high school’s enrollment numbers.

“When you stop and think about how many students we were going to try to move throughout our building, logistics were kind of scary from a teacher’s perspective,” said Barren County High School art teacher Lauren Simmons.

Even if schools must close down fully, school staff and parents agree that the burgundy and gold plan is a great way to prepare for the worst, and an even better way to prepare for the best.

“We want to do this right. Safety is number 1, and we know what our challenges are as a large campus. We’re going to deliver the very best experience possible given the circumstances,” said Barren County High School Principal Amy Irwin.

For more information on both the Barren and Warren County School District return plans, follow these links.