School apologizes after fight breaks out after state final game

CORBIN, Ky.- A high school is apologizing this morning after a fight broke out between players in the Class 3-A State Football Championship over the weekend.

According to LEX18, the fight broke out between Corbin and Louisville Central after the two teams shook hands following the game.

Superintendent David Cox issued the following statement on the altercation:

Corbin and Louisville Central competed in an incredible football game on Friday night to decide the KHSAA Class 3A Championship. This rivalry has quickly become one of the best in the state of Kentucky, and one that both schools should ultimately be proud of.

Unfortunately, the incident that occurred during the post-game activities on Friday night has overshadowed the game. We have reviewed video, spoken to players, coaches, and administration from Louisville Central. The initial sentiment is the same; we are all very displeased that this happened and that both sides share responsibility. It is unfortunate that this took away from the tremendous efforts of so many student-athletes.

We want to be clear that we do not condone the way some of our players reacted and have taken steps to prevent this type of behavior in the future. We want to ensure that our athletics reflect mutual respect and emphasize positive values.

Louisville Central defeated Corbin 20 to 19 in the game.