Save the Depot campaign reveals October poster

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The L&N Depot has unveiled the tenth poster in its year-long “Save the Depot” campaign.

The poster for the month of October features a picture of the model train city that is set up inside the depot’s gift shop.

The words, “Are you doing all you can to save the depot?”, are written across the top of the poster, encouraging more people to step up and volunteer during the final stretch of this campaign.

L&N Depot Executive Director Jamie Johnson says they’ve seen a large increase in the amount of volunteers at the depot since they started the campaign back in January.

“We’ve had so many people step up and come volunteer,” said Johnson. “We’ve had new people volunteering. We’ve had new people become members. We’ve had new people step up and donate to our endowment fund. A lot of people reach out to offer their services in a variety of ways. It’s really made a big impact on us this year.”

Fifty copies of the October poster are on sale in the gift shop.