Santa spotted doing nice deeds in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – You better watch out. Santa Claus was spotted in town.

An area Santa Claus was caught on camera doing a kind deed, paying two law enforcement officers’ meal at Teresa’s Diner in Bowling Green on Tuesday.

Curtis Hargett, a Warren County Sheriff’s Deputy, and his coworker, Clark Arnold, received their bill for their meal during lunch right after spotting someone who looked suspiciously like Santa across the diner.

Moments later, the bill was gone, almost magically, and Santa tapped Hargett on the shoulder and handed him a card telling him he was on the Nice List this year and had his meal paid for.

Hargett says his children could not believe Santa really took a summer trip to Bowling Green and had been so generous to their father.

“Mr. Claus had picked up our tickets and paid for our lunch, and I’m just very appreciative of that. It was a very nice gesture, and he made a huge impact and makes a huge impact everywhere he goes, especially right now in today’s climate. It was much needed,” Hargett said.

Arnold said anyone honoring law enforcement is a true blessing.

“Small tokens of appreciation like that mean a lot and it speaks volumes to me as to the perception and relationship the law enforcement has with our community both with a Warren County Sheriff’s Department and the Bowling Green Police Department and the Kentucky State Police. And because of that relationship, we don’t have the same issues that some of our other larger cities have,” Arnold said.

This isn’t the first time the area Santa has been seen doing kind deeds.

Hargett says after he posted the story on his Facebook page, he found out this jolly man is known for kind actions around the area.