Salvation Army of BG caps 2018 Red Kettle Campaign with over $101,000

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Salvation Army of Bowling Green is wrapping up their 2018 Red Kettle Campaign.

This comes after seeing a leap in donations from last year.

Unfortunately, they did experience a shortfall in their donation goal.

However not only did they achieve a milestone in their campaign but they also avoided a struggle in another area of it.

The Salvation Army of BG raised just over 101,000 dollars, which was 16,000 dollars more than they raised in 2017.

Sadly, they still fell short of their goal by 18,000 dollars.

This is a trend other Salvation Armies are seeing in their cities, such as New Hartford, NY and Martinsburg, WV.

Still, the Salvation Army of BG is grateful to the community for their contributions.

Also, they avoided struggles with staffing the kettlebell stations, a blessing Major Stephen Story credits the volunteers for.

With 2019 already underway, Major Story says their needs for the year are simple.

Continue growing their many programs, serving more in need and receiving more donations like clothes and food.

Major Story also says he wants the community to become more year-round givers, not just seasonal.