Salvation Army makes Friday sweeter

BOWLING GREEN Ky. – The first Friday in June, is known as National Donut Day, which has been going on since 1938. To celebrate the day, the Salvation Army delivered donuts to people who have helped the Salvation Army do what they do. Some of those stops included Hope House Ministries, the Bowling Green Fire Department, and the Housing Authority of Bowling Green.

“It’s nice to know that they’re thanking people for helping them when we rely on them so much. It’s nice to get a little thank you from them as well,” said project manager assistant of the Housing Authority of Bowling Green Joice Johnson.

Since the Salvation Army has such a rich history with donuts, Corps Officer of the Salvation Army Major Stephen Story says celebrating the day gives him a chance to look back.

“It’s just one of those things that kind of reminds me of my childhood donut place where we used to go all the time. It kind of brings back warm feelings and kind of a little nostalgia,” Story said.

Story said he sees the donut as a symbol of service, as he gave back to all who have helped the Salvation Army.

“It’s just a day to commemorate a whole bunch of things. Most of all, it’s the service, and the comfort and the help that the Salvation Army gives, not only in the Bowling Green community, but to all the communities that we serve,” Story said.

The donut was used to spread the feeling of comfort back in the days of World War I and World War II, and today, the Salvation Army used it to spread gratitude.

“It gives us an opportunity to say thank you to some of them. I wish a donut to every person and every place that ever did anything for the Salvation Army. We’re always so thankful for what the community does for us,” Story said.