Safe Haven Baby Box, Bowling Green Fire Department discuss latest newborn surrender

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. –  A newborn placed into the Safe Haven Baby Box at a Bowling Green Fire Department station last week will soon have its forever family.

This is the second surrender of a newborn in the baby box at the Lovers Lane fire station in under a year. The safe surrender option became available to parents, with no questions asked, last December.

“The idea behind the Safe Haven baby box is to have a place for a parent to bring their child whenever they find themselves having to make that hard decision this allows a safe spot for the child to be surrendered anonymously. The mission at the BGFD is to serve and protect and make it better and by having this safe haven baby box it allows us to meet that mission… but maybe in a different way,” says Katie McKee of the Bowling Green Fire Department.

The baby box is accessible at any hour and is temperature controlled… keeping the newborn safe from extreme temperatures and severe weather. To protect a baby’s privacy… very few details will ever be released about a baby box surrender. But we do know that a healthy newborn is now with authorities that are searching for a new, loving family.

“These mothers that chose surrender or adoption are my heroes. They took all the pain to do the right thing for their baby and what an amazing gift they’re giving a family,” according to Pam Stenzel the Board President of Safe Haven Baby Box.

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