Rotary Club donates 100 shoes to children in need

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The Bowling Green Rotary Club is making a special gesture to support children in the community. 

On Monday afternoon, club members stopped at Warren Elementary where they delivered over 100 pairs of shoes and socks to kids in need. Member Rick Starks said they’ve done this every year for the past five years. 

“We think there are kids out there that have a tremendous need for what we’re doing. And it’s emotional from my standpoint because we feel like as a Rotary club this is part of our goal, part of our mission to try to identify those projects out there that are of benefit to the school system and to the students,” said Starks.  

John Ridley was one person who made donations towards buying the shoes from Carnival Shoes. He said it’s a cause that’s close to his heart. 

“Many of these children have shoes that are completely worn out. And I don’t mean just scuffed up, I’m talking the soles are coming off. And so when they get these new shoes they even say things like do I get to take these home because they’re brand new,” said Ridley. 

Kelsey Chapman, who works with the children, says the majority of her students are low income and only have one pair of shoes. 

“A lot of our kids if they get shoes, they’re normally used or shoes that we get donated. So for them to get a brand new pair of shoes just for them is very exciting. And they also will wear those shoes every day, keep up with them, keep up clean, which is awesome to see,” said Chapman.