Room In the Inn seeks help to provide basics to those in need

It’s the season for giving thanks, but also for giving and Room In The Inn needs your help.

Room In The Inn is a place that provides hope to those in need.

The nonprofit organization in Bowling Green provides a safe place for the homeless during the cold winter months.

Program Coordinators say they have seen an increase in the homeless population over the past five years.

 “Those who have zero, or are on a fixed income, their economy is not doing quite as well. Housing prices continue to rise and incomes are not continuing to rise in that sector. So it gets harder and harder to afford a place to live,” said program coordinator, Sharli Rogers

With a growing homeless population, the nonprofit organization needs help from the community.

 “Funding comes strictly from donations. We don’t get any public funding or anything like that. We rely on the community for donations,” said guest services coordinator Megan Owens.

With your help The Room In The Inn is hoping to raise $6,000 by the end of December.

 “Those are operational costs for our facility here. Cot repairs, UBER tickets, bus passes, just anything to cover overhead we need,” Owens said.

From Nov. 15 to March 15, churches throughout Warren County partner with Room In The Inn to provide a warm shelter to those who desperately need it.

 “Every night we have been housing between 10 and 15 persons every evening lately. We opened up on Nov. 15 and now we are starting to fill our beds every night,” Rogers said.

Not only do they provide shelter, but also other necessities like food, water, blankets, and clothing.

Last year they helped over 120 people in Warren County. If you would like to help, you can volunteer or make a monetary donation.