Rockn B Horse and Carriage ride to move location from downtown

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- For years, the Rockn B Horse and Carriage rides have been starting their rides downtown off the square. But soon that location is going to change. 

The carriage used to park in the same spot every year. But after renovations were done at Fountain Square Park in 2019, there are now three new designated loading and unloading zones for vendors to share. 

“We have provided those three loading and unloading zones so whether you are a horse and carriage ride, a food vendor or someone who is setting up for a public event you have spots that you can go to and use those spots in order to do your business,” said the city’s Public Information Officer Kim Lancaster. 

Rockn B Horse and Carriage operator James Beckner said he understands that parking spots are for the customers downtown. But he said these designated zones won’t work for the carriage business. 

“They’re not really big enough to park in because we don’t fit. They’re too small. We’re too long, so it doesn’t work out real well. We’d love to but it won’t work, and with the food trucks we don’t want to fight with the food trucks on a spot,” said Beckner. 

Therefore he said they’ll figure another spot out. 

“We are going to go ahead and move to a different location and see what can work. We’d rather we don’t, but that is their ruling.” 

And downtown store Morris Jewelry owner Jim Steen says they love having the carriage on the square. 

“It helps all of us who are business owners and retailers and restaurant owners on the square because it’s just something else to provide entertainment for the folks who wanna come down and enjoy a nice evening out,” said Steen. 

Beckner hopes they can work together to continue their rides. 

The city said they want the carriage to continue giving rides but can’t give special treatment to one vendor.