Representative Comer talks impeachment and trade deal

TOMPKINSVILLE, Ky. – Monroe County’s Bicentennial celebration kicked off Sunday afternoon and along with the pageantry, a special guest was on hand to help get the festivities started.

Representative James Comer spoke about the history and current state of Monroe County. He spoke about modern Monroe County’s amenities such as a high quality hospital and the local golf course.

At the end of his speech, he presented local leaders with a proclamation recognizing Monroe County’s bicentennial and a flag which was flown over the United States Capitol.

After the ceremony, Comer spoke with WNKY News. He said the process of impeaching President Trump is now in the hands of Senator Mitch McConnell and the United States Senate. He also said believes the whole process could be wrapped up in about three weeks with President Trump being acquitted of the articles of impeachment.

Representative Comer said he does not believe the impeachment proceedings will hurt the President’s reelection hopes, instead he believes the impeachment will help Trump if he is cleared in the Senate.

When asked about the Phase 1 trade deal with China, Comer said having a trade agreement with China is a topic both Republicans and Democrats agree needs to be in place to keep the United State’s economy running smoothly. He said it impacts Kentucky especially because of the many assembly plants that manufacture parts used in automobiles.