Renovations taking place at National Corvette Museum

Bowling Green Ky.- Renovations are underway at the National Corvette Museum, in preparation for its 25th anniversary. Some new exhibits and displays should be ready by April 1.

The renovations are being made in the gateway area of the museum. Museum officials expect the renovations to draw in larger crowds.

Museum spokeswoman, Katie Ellison, says she is looking forward to giving the visitors a new perspective on the history of America’s sports car.

“The museum is always doing special exhibits in our exhibit hall, and trying to refresh and change up the cars on display, so that no two visits are the same. We like to offer different things not only for people to have multiple reasons to come, but also for visitors, because we get repeat visitors through the year, and we like to have something different that they can see each time they come” said, Ellison.