Rene Boucher takes the stand day during civil trial filed against him by Rand Paul

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-During day two of U.S. Senator Rand Paul’s civil trial against his neighbor Rene Boucher, Boucher took the stand and apologized to the senator.

A conflict between Paul and his neighbor started over unwanted plant droppings on Boucher’s property, then escalated when Boucher had to have those droppings hauled off several times.

“He started to take his piles of branches and sticks and leaves and pile them there three feet from the property line,” said Boucher.

Boucher admitted to tackling Paul, who was riding a lawn mower at the time of the attack in November 2017.

Dr. Sean Willgruber at Graves Gilbert Clinic in Bowling Green said he helped Paul onto the x-ray table when he showed up at the clinic following the attack.

“It was a grandmother shuffle as I like to call it…and it probably took three to four times the amount of time it would take myself or anybody normally walking in for him to get on the table,” Willgruber said.

Willgruber testified that it is very likely Paul’s injuries include rib fractures, he believes six in total. Court is now in recess but will resume at 1 p.m. Wednesday.