Here’s what to know before hitting the road this Christmas

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – As we all travel the road to see our friends and family for the holidays, driving safety is paramount.

Kentucky State Police trooper Priddy said, “What we don’t want to have to do is death notifications or have somebody being injured and not gonna spend time with your family for the holidays.”

The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign starts Dec. 16 through Jan. 2, when increased patrols will be on the highway.

“We’ll be focusing on impaired driving, and we’ll have more enforcement on the roadways and traffic checkpoints. Just trying to make sure that the roadways are as safe as possible,” Priddy said.

And just in time for the holiday, we see gas prices are dropping nationwide. However, with holidays come heavier traffic.

Lynda Lambert, a AAA spokesperson, said they are seeing an increase of 3% in the number of people who will travel for the year and holiday season. She says this means crowded roads since most of them will travel by car.

She also mentioned that, as we continue to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of people getting back out there for the holidays is high. Lambert said that “over 113 million people are gonna travel this holiday season.” This includes all modes of transportation, but 102 million will drive in our part of the country, so it is going to be very busy, Lambert said.

A local insurance agent also shared advice on what to do in the case of an accident far away.

J.R. Wade, a State Farm agent, said, “It’s very important to get a police report down there locally and also, if you can, try to get the other party’s insurance information. If you’re a long ways away, it’s difficult to try to navigate that so get the insurance information from the other parties before the police show up. That’ll be a big help.”

Lambert added at the end of her interview that several things should be in your car during the winter, because accidents do happen and can leave you stranded for longer periods of time. Lambert said you want to keep “an extra blanket, flashlight, those triangles that you put out at the roadside in case you break down so other vehicles can see you, batteries, cell phone, charger, water, snacks.”

But the overall message is patience. With everyone having the same goal in mind, a virtue we all must practice is keeping a leveled head.