Rainy weather means more insects

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- It’s the middle of winter in south central Kentucky and you may be seeing something unexpected for January: insects. Normally, insects would be hibernating this time of year, but with residents starting spring cleaning in unseasonably warm temperatures those insects’ homes are being disturbed.

Jimmy Blankenship with Guarantee Pest Control says rainy weather helps insects thrive. And with winter months being some of the wettest for Kentucky, that means plenty of water to sustain life for the bugs.

To protect your home from insects and rodents, check out your doors and windows. Charles Jones with Arrow Exterminators said it’s important to be sure there aren’t any holes in screens or around pipes.

Those make good entryways for mice and rats looking for food and warmth inside homes. Dryer vent covers and chimney caps make good barriers for rodents and birds.

Of course,  if you still see insects and vermin invading your space, you can call in the professionals from an exterminating or pest control company to help restore calm to your home.