Racist receipts target ‘Smoothie King’ customers

(WCNC) Two Charlotte, North Carolina Smoothie Kings have been shut down after customers noticed racist names added on their receipts.

In one case, a black customer noticed the n-word printed on the receipt. On the same day but at a separate location, a Korean customer saw the name “Jackie Chan”

“Anger, frustration,” Tony Choi said, recalling seeing his receipt Sunday night.

Choi says after he ordered, he noticed the employees giggling and smirking to each other, which is what made him ask for a copy of the receipt.

That’s when he saw it. On the slip print out, they had typed in “Jackie Chan.”

“I just let them know, “Hey I’m gonna write up about this I don’t think this is funny,'” he said.

Even worse, Choi says he was there with his two young children, ages 8 and 6.

“I didn’t want to make a scene in front of them I didn’t want them to know what was going on,” Choi said.

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