Pumpkin Alley organizers cancel event for 2020

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the concern for public health safety, the organizers of Pumpkin Alley in Bowling Green, have canceled the event for 2020.

The annual event draws upwards of 800-1,200 attendees every Halloween for a safe family-centered trick-or-treat activity by providing a large section of closed streets in the Briarwood subdivision and dozens of households passing out candy.

“We wrestled with numerous ways to continue the tradition,” said Kevin Mays, “but in the end our overwhelming concern was to avoid assembling a large congregation of people and inadvertently expose anyone – visitors or residents – to COVID.”

In addition to the health concerns, Mays said that the City of Bowling Green had informed him that the city would not issue a special permit this year for the event.

The special permit allowed for the city to close Mooreland Drive and provide the opportunity for children to walk up and down without worrying about vehicular traffic.

“Without the ability to have a closed street, we were worried about the children not being safe from cars,”  Mays said.

The organizers of Pumpkin Alley are hopeful that they can re-open in 2021.