PTSD seminar to be held for local first responders

BOWLING GREEN Ky. – Many may face PTSD this week with the approaching anniversary of the December tornadoes. For first responders, this incident and many others can hit close to home.

This Saturday, Dec. 10, there will be a PTSD seminar at 9 a.m. for first responders and dispatchers at the Kentucky Fire Commission’s State Fire Rescue Training Area 4 on 825 Morgantown Road.

Nicholas Moore of the Kentucky Fire Commission said there will be no registration process and encourages everyone to come out.

There will be included a Q & A session, along with clinicians there and other resources to be used.

“We never want to hear our brothers or sisters say they want to kill themselves, and if we do we want to be able to get them the help they need.” Moore said.

The seminar will be led by Jo Terry, the wife of Chip Terry, a Covington firefighter and victim of suicide by way of PTSD. Jo made it her life mission to testify and share resources with other emergency service members and family.