Proposal for teacher pay being linked to student performance

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- There’s talk at the Kentucky Board of Education of linking teacher pay to teacher performance in the classroom.

In his report to the Kentucky Board of Education, Commissioner of Education, Wayne Lewis, said that teacher pay should be directly linked to how well the students perform.

In the report, Lewis said that the public education system is currently facing significant financial difficulties, and that limited resources in some regions of the state are hindering the Kentucky Board of Education’s ability to provide quality education.

As a result, Lewis said the pay performance link for teachers will do more for students than any amount of federal funding.

7th grade teacher of Drakes Creek Middle School in Bowling Green, Jeanie Smith, disagrees.

“The teacher’s pay is based off of the state test that is given. The same test is given to students of all different needs whether that child has autism or another learning disability or whether that child is gifted. It’s really not a fair way to base pay for teachers,” Smith said.

There is not yet a model for how a performances-based teacher pay system would look like in Kentucky.