President Trump Heads South to Campaign for Alabama Senate Nominee Roy Moore

President Trump heads to Florida today to campaign for Alabama Senate nominee Roy Moore. In a few days, Moore could be headed to Washington, just as other lawmakers accused of sexual misconduct announce they’re leaving.

No comment from President Trump before he heads to Pensacola, Florida today to campaign for Moore. Nine women have accused Moore of sexual misconduct. He denies it, and he’s bouncing back in the polls, four days before the election.

It comes as Minnesota Senator Al Franken announced he’s resigning following allegations of sexual misconduct. Most Democrats urged Franken to resign after a seventh accuser came forward.

Last night another lawmaker, Arizona Republican Trent Franks, announced he’s resigning too. The House Ethics Committee is looking into the Congressman’s conversations with female staffers about he and his wife seeking a surrogate.

His statement said Franks is stepping down to avoid a, quote, "sensationalized trial by media."

Now the Ethics Committee is announcing they’re taking a second look at a case that was settled two years ago. Texas Republican Blake Farenthold was cleared, but taxpayers paid his accuser $84,000.