Potter’s Children’s Home opens housing facility for single-parent families

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A local non-profit cut the ribbon today on a facility to help single parents care for their families while in school.

The ribbon cutting represents so much more than a new building.

It represents a safe place to call home for multiple children.

Potter’s Children’s Home opened a third apartment living home for single parents who may need a little extra support, according to Ralph Brewer, the executive director of the home.

“We have single parents who come to us from very poor environments. We have single parents who come to us without a car, some living in a car. So, they just don’t have anything, and they are not in a position to support themselves and their children,” said Brewer.

The quad-plex will house three single parent families and a mentor couple, a screened retired couple who will help babysit, give rides and be a support for the families in their unit.

Families in the complexes have to abide by Potter’s Children’s Home’s rules to live on the premises.

“We have curfew, we have a dress code, they are required to participate in counseling, we provide training for them,” said Brewer.

The price of this new building was over $600,000 coming from money left behind in a will from the late Bill and Ruth Row

State Representative Patti Mintor called Potter’s Children’s Home a crucial organization.

“To have this support for single families and to have mentors here to offer the respite care that is needed is absolutely crucial, and it’s a beautiful facility. The families will be safe and the children will have a beautiful home in which they can grow up and thrive,” said Minter.

“We try to help them be and become productive citizen’s as they grow and hopefully change the direction of their lives so that when they do become adults, then they can give back and they can help others,” said Brewer.

Another quad-plex is in the plans for the children’s home but a construction date has not been set yet.