Pot holes are being filled as winter causes stress to roadways

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Potholes are a nightmare for drivers and we tend to see a lot more of them in the cold winter months. Why?

Josh Moore, the director of Warren County Public Works, says it all has to do with water.

During cold temperatures, water damage on or under roadways can be expedited when it freezes in small holes and cracks.

When water freezes, it expands and forces the hole or crack to widen. It can also cause the road to concave in certain areas causing potholes.

Moore says this last ice storm likely did not cause too much damage because it was less severe than expected.

“We were fortunate that at least the majority of the county the ice that we got was fairly thin and there was enough traffic that it kind of melted really quickly. The intersections were the worst and some hills, but I think we kind of dodged a bullet as other parts of the state of what we could’ve gotten. So fingers crossed that the damages that we have from this one are pretty minor,” said Moore.

He says crews get out to patch holes as often as they can but repaving is a job best done in the summer, so patches, or temporary fixes, are common in the cold.