Poll workers needed for the general election

MORGANTOWN, Ky. – There is a serious need statewide for poll workers to help out on Election Day this November.

Polling locations normally struggle to get a full staff during voting days in South Central Kentucky, but with COVID-19, fewer people are volunteering to work the polls.

A typical Kentucky election entails approximately 3,700 voting locations and 15,000 poll workers.

Each voting location must have four workers, evenly split between registered Democrats and Republicans.

The need for poll workers is an ongoing issue, according to Butler County Clerk Sherry Johnson.

“It’s always an issue with every county. Everybody has trouble finding election officers most of the time because, you know, it’s a long day. They have to be there by 5:15-5:30 at the latest in the morning and then they don’t get to leave until after the polls close and they get everything done,” said Johnson.

It’s a paid job, $25 for training and $125 for election day.

But besides the financial compensation, some poll workers say it’s emotionally gratifying as well.

“It is very rewarding to be able to be a part of something that’s very important, or I think is very important. Voting is very important. So yes, I think to encourage anyone,” said Ladonna Nave, a Butler County poll worker.

“It’s a small part but it helps on Election Day. I feel like when I see people come in and maybe they’re struggling to get through maybe with walking or things like that, I think, ‘wow they came out to vote and I was able to help with that process.’ It’s really inspiring,” said Rebecca Jacobs, a Butler County poll worker.

The process involves teamwork to complete.

If you are interested in working the election polls in November, contact your local county clerk’s office for details.