Police: Fake photographer plotted to kill newborn

Investigators say a 38-year-old Washington woman posed as a baby photographer in order to gain access to newborns...then drugged a mother in an attempt to take her child. KING's Amy Moreno reports.

(CNN) A Washington State woman is expected in court Tuesday on charges she drugged a woman in an attempt to steal her newborn child, and now we’re hearing from other mothers who encountered the suspect.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said the 38-year-old suspect posed as a photographer and used community Facebook groups to advertise free photoshoots for newborns in exchange for an opportunity to build her portfolio.

Detective Ed Troyer, with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, said the free photoshoots were just a ploy for the suspect to get access to newborns.

Since releasing the information Friday, the sheriff’s department has heard from more people who say the suspect contacted them.

The suspect, and her 16-year-old daughter, are currently behind bars in Pierce County on charges that they allegedly drugged one mother.

Detective Troyer said evidence indicates the suspect went to that woman’s home several times possibly laying the groundwork to take the baby.

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