Police: Argument Over Loud Music Led To Deadly Shooting

Police in Ashland, Oregon say a deadly downtown shooting began with two men arguing over loud music. KOBI's Grace Smith reports.

(KOBI/NBC News) — Investigators say an argument over loud music led to a fatal shooting outside of an Ashland, Oregon, hotel.

Ashland Police Chief Tighe O’Meara says the death of victim Aidan Ellison could have easily been avoided.

“It was utterly senseless, didn’t need to happen, people getting violent with each other for such stupid reasons,” O’Meara said.

O’Meara says Ellison was shot once in the chest and was unable to be saved by paramedics.

Suspect Robert Paul Keegan was quickly arrested on scene.

O’Meara said the 4:30 a.m. call came from the Stratford Inn desk clerk after they heard the violent encounter in the parking lot.

“Keegan not only obviously murdered the victim, he also recklessly endangered the hotel clerk by discharging the gun near the hotel clerk,” O’Meara explained.

Police said the dispute started over some music.

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