Phoenix police chief: viral video shows “unacceptable” actions by officers

(KPNX/NBC News) Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams says the actions of her officers seen detaining a family in a now viral video are “unacceptable.”

Speaking Sunday with NBC affiliate KPNX, Williams said “What we saw in that video isn’t in keeping with good policing, it’s unacceptable. I apologized to the family for the interaction and to be honest with you, I’m apologizing to the community too because that is not what should have happened in that circumstance.”

Last week, video surfaced of officers allegedly threatening to shoot a black couple and their young children over a reported shoplifting incident from last month.

After the videos emerged and the couple involved, Dravon Ames and Iesha Harper, filed a $10 million notice of claim — a precursor to a lawsuit — against the city.

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