Pets require protection in the cold weather

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – As time progresses into the winter season, the colder weather serves as a great reminder that along with ourselves, we also need to protect our four-legged friends. According to Shelley Williams at Dog’s Day Out in Bowling Green, pets can be affected by the cold weather in similar ways as their owners.

“In the same way as with humans, they’re going to get lethargic, get cold and kind of shrinking up and getting sleepy,” Williams said.

While the hot pavement can be dangerous to the paws in the summer time, in the winter time it’s less about the temperature of the ground and more about what our dogs are walking on.

“You do want to be sure that wherever you’re walking your pet if they’ve salted your roads or your sidewalks that you’re either keeping your dog off of that as much as you can,” Williams said. “They make the little booties, but make sure you get it cleaned off as soon as you can because if they lick it off or it stays on their paws it can hurt them.”

If you have outdoor pets, Williams said the key is to give them some type of shelter away from the elements.

“Just make sure they have shelter of some sort, especially get them away from the wind, and always make sure your pets have access to water,” she said. “Even if it’s cold, they’re going to need that.

“And another good tip is don’t use pillows and blankets in whatever doghouse you give them because if those get wet from the snow or anything, they will end up freezing. So you’re better off with straw or woodchips, something that will dry out,” Williams said.

When it comes to those outdoor pets, Williams said the decision to bring them inside is a judgment call from the owner because different breeds will react to the cold in different ways.