Peak performance: 4-year-old sets climbing record

(WNYT) For most hikers in the Adirondack Mountains, becoming a “46er” by summitting the 46 highest peaks is a lifelong goal.

At just 4-year-old, Maebh Nesbitt has achieved that goal.

Her parents say they did not carry her once during her 13-month journey.

“People say ‘Did she climb all of that?'” says Siobhan Carney-Nesbitt, Maebh’s mother. “If you were with her on the mountain at any point. Anybody who passed us on the trail and saw her in action. You knew that she climbed every step of the way.”

Maebh is just 38 pounds. She’s about half the height of the average 46er, but she might have twice the energy. Maebh’s grandmother calls her a mountain goat.

“It can be humbling to times. Especially, when she gets to a rocky section and above tree line. She gets really excited and she just goes for an all-out sprint,” says Lee Nesbitt, Maebh’s father.

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