Over 50 Citizens Academy makes final stop at City Hall

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- The Over 50 Citizens Academy made a stop at the Bowling Green City Commission Chambers Tuesday to learn more about city government and how city officials operate the day-to-day business of managing Bowling Green. The participants learned through a slideshow highlighting the various jobs and processes of the city officials. Neighborhood Services director Karen Foley said the academy is a great experience for anyone wanting to learn more about Bowling Green.

“A lot of times, people find us because they’re new to the community and they’re trying to learn more about Bowling Green. We find that whether you have been in Bowling Green less than a year or if you’ve been here all your life, inevitably if you participate in this academy, you’re going to learn more about the community and the people who make it the place that it is,” Foley said.

In an earlier session, the participants visited the police department to see how officers really do their jobs. One of the participants, Dennis O’Keefe, says the academy has given him valuable insight into the city’s operation.

“It has been extremely informative. We’ve learned how the city funds itself. We learned how the city spends its money, we got to visit the various facilities,” O’Keefe said.

O’Keefe emphasizes the big take away lesson from the academy for him is that life in Bowling Green is what it is thanks to the people in city government.

“I don’t think many of us realize how hard the people in this city work to make Bowling Green a livable place, and to do that in the most efficient and friendly way possible. It’s a great place to live,” O’Keefe said.

The academy participants graduate Wednesday.