Over 40,000 food donations gathered for nonprofits

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – On Wednesday, 17 nonprofit organizations from several counties stopped by the Salvation Army in Bowling Green to pick up donated boxes and cans of food.

Throughout the month of April, over 30 organizations were a part of contributing to Feed the Need.

This is the nonprofit SOKY Patriots’ second year of participating in the food pickup event. Last year, the group held a backpack fundraising program for children that resulted in 20 shopping carts filled with donations, some of which came from Feed the Need.

“We utilized them in the backpack program for our Warren County and Bowling Green City Schools, said Tim Allen, SOKY Patriots president, and John Riley, president of the St. Joseph  St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry. “And they make a big impact in what the schools need. We are actually able to utilize these two to three weeks. In backpacks, we are actually producing about 240 bags a week that are sent to the schools, plus we have over 300 that come from Feeding America that are delivered to the school also.”

Every year, food pantries come and pick up food donations from Salvation Army. This year, the effort collected over 40,000 boxes and cans of food for those in need.