Over 100 dogs rescued from puppy mill in Logan County

LOGAN CO. Ky.-“It was just horrible.”

100 dogs, living neglected inside a puppy mill, are now at the Logan County Humane Society. 

“Dogs living in their own feces, just no space stacked on top of each other, I mean some of those dogs we suspect hadn’t seen the light of day in however long they’ve been on this earth,” said Logan County Humane Society Executive Director Ray Wilson. 

The dogs range from smaller breeds like chihuahuas, dachshunds, and yorkies, to larger breeds like German shepherds and huskies.  

The dogs’ arrival puts the Logan County Humane Society at over twice their capacity… but a neighboring humane society is stepping in to help. 

“Unfortunately by the time in Kentucky that a situation like this gets to a court case, conditions are already really bad,” said Bowling Green Warren County Director Lorri Hare. 

BCWC Humane Society has agreed to take some of the dogs that have been at the Logan County shelter for a while… despite  also being at max capacity. 

“We’re gonna try to take six or eight today that have been here for a little longer and try to spotlight those and if we can have some really great adoptions coming back and then we can get the ones that haven’t had much foot traffic to get them adopted,” said Hare. 

The puppy mill dogs are adorable…but they can’t be adopted just yet as they are part of a court case. Eventually they will need foster families. Staff is just asking the public to be patient.

“Just getting all this initial stuff done for the puppy mill animals, the vetting, the intakes, so they’re ready to be fostered themselves, we’re getting all that out of the way so we can go ahead and get to the meat and potatoes because fostering is gonna be a huge deal for us,” said Wilson. 

What you can do is volunteer or make a monetary donation. Vet bills alone for the dogs will cost between $15,000-$20,000. You can donate to the Logan County Humane Society through PayPal or Cash App. 


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