Our World Burning exhibit comes to Western Kentucky University

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Western Kentucky University is now featuring an exhibit on the destructive power of wildfires.

The exhibit is called, Our World Burning. It features works from photojournalists on the effects of wildfires. The photos feature the destruction left behind by the fires, and it shows firefighters in action.

The exhibit features over 50 images from recent wildfires in California.

The exhibit was created for a senior project by exhibit curator and WKU student Tyler Sanders.

Sanders said he experienced a wildfire himself, and that’s what drove him to take on this project.

“I was working in a summer camp out in New Mexico, and we had a forest fire break out on the property. The fire claimed about 30,000 acres. At one point, we had to evacuate,” Sanders said.

The exhibit is set up in Jody Richards Hall, and will be up until Nov. 22.