Organizers prepare for Duncan Hines Days

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Duncan Hines isn’t just a baking brand, he was a real person born in Bowling Green in the year 1880.

News 40 spoke to Bowling Green’s Downtown Development Coordinator about what the city and county hope to do this year, and they are ecstatic about what is to come. Telia Butler said in her interview that the whole point of the multi-day event is to provide something for everyone, whether it be related to food or travel.

Butler said Duncan Hines was one of the first “bloggers” so to speak. After obtaining his business degree from Western, he traveled frequently, and logged everywhere he ate and stayed during his trips. Hines would recommend these places to others and eventually became a household name as far as travel and food was concerned.

Butler said they are happy to have over 20 events for the community to enjoy and it’s not limited to just Bowling Green, they want everyone involved considering Hines traveled through other parts of the viewing area as well.

There’s a lot of times and dates, so for a more detailed information it is encouraged to head to