Ole Miss murder suspect’s neighbor: I’m not surprised

(CNN) – Wearing an Ole Miss t-shirt Brandon Theesfeld was caught by cameras at a gas station in south Memphis Monday.

The surveillance picture taken two days after he’s accused of killing Ally Kostial and just moments before he was caught by a swarm of Memphis officers.

Rex Ravita/ Suspect’s Former Neighbor:
“It was obviously shocking.”

According to reports when Theesfeld was arrested he had blood on his shirt and a weapon in his car.

Rex Ravita/ Suspect’s Former Neighbor:
“To hear that the person that did it was somebody in such close proximity and somebody who I knew and somebody who I knew was like was capable of this it was even more shocking.”

Rex Ravita says he lived in a dorm across the hall from Theesfeld his freshman year.

He says his classmate was a loose cannon and degrading to women.

He Facetimed us from oxford.

Rex Ravita/ Suspect’s Former Neighbor:
“He was pretty much daddy’s boy type. Constantly had to reference his father’s money how his dad could get him out of anything. I mean just that attitude all the time.”

Ravita says the two pictured here at a social function dated on and off for a few years.

Kostial was studying marketing.

Rex Ravita/ Suspect’s Former Neighbor:
“I truly believe that he manipulated her emotionally to have him, have her believe that he loved her the same way that she did and I think that he had her on the hook until the very last second.”

Preliminary autopsy results show Kostial was shot multiple times.

Tonight classmates still trying to comprehend this horrific crime.

Rex Ravita/ Suspect’s Former Neighbor:
“I wouldn’t even say that anyone ever would picture him or anyone really doing something like this but with the way that he treated women and his attitude towards women in general it didn’t surprise me.”