Officials plead, if you register for testing online – show up

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – After a successful first day of drive through testing for COVID-19, officials are worried about one thing, attendance.

Multiple Warren County officials are pleading with the public, if you register for testing online – show up.

Tuesday, 20% of those who registered did not show up.

That means 70 different people who would have shown up were not able to get a test.

Barren River District Health Department Director Matt Hunt says these kinds of actions cannot continue to occur.

Hunt also says Tuesday’s process went extremely smoothly with a maximum of five cars waiting in line at a time.



1. Wear masks in public, everywhere.

2. Continue social distancing,

3. Frequent hand washing, and

4. Sanitizing and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces.

5. Avoid all group gatherings outside of home family.

These are healthy habits that we must get used to for the coming weeks and months, in order to get our economy back open and to resume living our otherwise normal lives.

Let’s start Today!”

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