Officer Davis community fundraiser

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A week later, and the community continues to rally behind officer Matt Davis after being shot multiple times in the line of duty.

There have been many uplifting posts, signs, and blue lights to support officer Davis and the BGPD during this tragic time.

SoKY marketplace was over-pouring with people to donate and fundraise for medical expenses, and show support to the hurt officer and the police department.

Police chief, Michael Delaney, says

“it’s great to see the community come out and support their police department, and that’s what we are, we’re public servants, so to see all these people come out to show support for officer Davis, his family, and the entire police department. It’s great.”

All proceeds from todays fundraiser are going to officer Davis and his family. if you couldn’t make it to the fundraiser and would like to donate, The FOP is still taking donations