Oakland Elementary students receive the gift of birthday cake supplies

OAKLAND Ky.- After learning that 47% of students at Oakland Elementary School had never celebrated a birthday with a birthday cake, a local gym is working to change that.

The family resource center coordinator at Oakland Elementary, Nicole DeFreeze, recently conducted surveys with the students, and found that 47% of those students have never had a birthday cake.

Defreeze works out at Anytime Fitness in Bowling Green. When the management at the gym heard that 47% of students never had a birthday cake, they asked members to donate the ingredients.

Over 150 donations have been made so far.

Students at Oakland Elementary School in Warren County have been receiving donations of birthday cake supplies and now have the chance to take home bags and boxes of birthday cake ingredients from cake mix to icing, to all kinds of different toppings

“Every kid deserves a birthday cake. I’m excited for them to be able to receive that. It’s a major deal, and it’s great that Oakland and family resources can provide for them,” DeFreeze said.

If you’d like to donate cake supplies, they can be dropped off at Anytime Fitness or Oakland Elementary.