North Jackson Elementary celebrates teacher appreciation week

GLASGOW, Ky. – As North Jackson Elementary School celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week, educators here share why the professional is so special.

At North Jackson Elementary, students bought plants from the school green house as gifts for their teachers. Third grade teacher Melissa Bunch said having love and passion for the career is what affects the students most.

“It has to be a true love for teaching. I can honestly say for our school and our district; everyone here has a personal love for teaching. That’s something that you just have to love and have a gift for almost,” Bunch said.

Third grade teacher Melinda Bush said she knew she wanted to become a teacher thanks to the amazing figures she had in her life as a student.

“When I was younger, I had some excellent teachers who helped me overcome difficulties and were always there for me, not just in academics, but even through things that were going on in my life. I wanted to be that person to help connect and touch and help others who are learning academics and life skills,” said Bush.

On the toughest of days, teacher Ali Skaggs said seeing the smiles makes it all worth it.

“They’re just so excited to see us, especially after a weekend. On Monday mornings, they’re like ‘oh Miss Skaggs, I’ve missed you so much this weekend!’ And you know, their bright personalities and smiles,” said Skaggs.

Bush loves the hugs.

“Them hugging you no matter what. Even if you’re having a bad day or they’re having a bad day, that love and that connection, it makes it all worth it for sure. It’s good to know that they truly see that we love them. We’re not just here to teach them. We love them,” said Bush.