Non-profits hope people participate in Giving Tuesday

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – If the holiday season has you in a generous mood, today is Giving Tuesday and local non-profits need your help.

Giving Tuesday is a holiday set aside to remind people to donate money, time or whatever are able to whatever cause you find worthy.

For some, that may mean supporting local businesses, while others may donate to local non-profits.

Many local non-profits are in need this season because of the pandemic.

The Barren River Area Child Advocacy Center’s Community Outreach Coordinator, Anna D’herde, is asking for donations so the center can redo their exam room.

“We serve kids who have been victims of sexual abuse and we want them to feel as comfortable as possible because they have already experienced terrible trauma in their lives and so we work hard to have a child friendly where we have toys and games and things that make kids feel comfortable and feel at home,” said D’herde.

Lost River Cave representatives are also asking for donations for Giving Tuesday and request you donate via the organization’s Facebook page.

Kate Holmes, their annual giving manager, says during the pandemic, plenty of places closed, but nature never closes, which is why the park is so important.

“Our goal is just to support the park and our mission is just to connect people with nature. It takes a full team of people to take care of the park and keep it open and free. We have 72-acres, which most people don’t know, and we are a non-profit. So it takes a big crew to keep it open and available, the trails free for everybody and maintain it. That is what you are supporting when you support Lost River Cave,” said Holmes.

Many other non-profit organizations such as the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society, local churches, and Hospice of Southern Kentucky, to name just a few, are asking for the public to consider donating to them as well.

To donate to most non-profits in the area, you can visit their websites or Facebook pages or give them a call.

Facebook is matching donations made to local non-profits starting Tuesday until the social media company has donated $7 million.