No more TikTok?

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. –  Congress recently just banned TikTok from government devices in order to protect national security, but now it could go even further.

It’s not the first time it’s been debated. Last session, Florida senator Marco Rubio tried to pass legislation banning the app in the United States but it didn’t go anywhere. This time around, Josh Hawley, a senator from Missouri is taking a shot at the social media giant, saying it’s China’s “backdoor into American lives and threatens the mental health and privacy of our children”.

Speaking with the founder of Cyber Safe School, Mike Lemon said he doesn’t foresee it happening. “TikTok is a huge company, they’ll do what they have to to survive… say they’ll comply with whatever and have servers just for the U.S. …”

But Lemon does agree that social media is something that can be damaging to an adolescent’s mental state. Lemon said the best way to protect your kid is to make sure that you’re validating them and they’re able to develop a sense of confidence from you as a parent. He also said to educate yourself on what apps and sites kids might be on and get an understanding of how they work.