New Warren County voting plan will begin during the 2022 May Primary

WARREN COUNTY, Ky: A new voting pan is now in place for Warren County. The State Board of Elections has approved the Warren County Clerk’s voting plan that will keep some of the popular changes that were seen in 2020 because of Covid-19.

Five voting centers will open on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday ahead of the primaries on May 17th. The centers’ locations will be at Sugar Maple Square, Living Hope Baptist Church, Phil Moore Park, Ephraim White Park, and Buchanon Park. On Primary Day, Tuesday, May 17th, three more centers will open for voters.

These 8 centers will replace the 49 voting locations Warren County had pre-Covid.

“It worked so well in June of 2020 for that primary that we just thought it was just better.  We’re going to try this. People just had such positive feedback from it. Everyone seemed to like it. Everyone likes the early voting,” said Warren County Clerk, Lynette Yates.

Yates also says that the larger voting centers move voters through more quickly and are easier to staff.  Voters can cast their ballots at any of the eight, rather than being assigned to a particular one.