New program in Bowling Green allows couples to settle divorce outside the courtroom

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- A new program in Bowling Green is being offered to couples who are seeking a divorce and not wanting to go through a lengthy litigation process.

It’s called Collaborative Family Practice.

In an effort to work things out away from the courtroom, couples engage in sessions with a team of professionals consisting of two attorneys, a mental health professional and a financial neutral.

In Bowling Green, there are 11 trained attorneys, 5 mental health professionals and 4 financial neutrals offering the service.

Bowling Green was recently named a model community for Collaborative Family Practice.

Rebecca Simpson, a family law attorney in Bowling Green, spearheaded the effort to bring the service to south central Kentucky.

“I think the couple that’s going through the divorce is able to maintain control of what the outcome is going to be,” said Simpson. “They decide together with the help of the professionals on the team, rather than a judge, who is a stranger to the family, decide what’s going to happen to the things that matter most to them.”

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